We offer general and bespoke training sessions to our Acuity Counsel clients at preferential rates.

Here are some examples of what we can do. Call us if you’d like to make a booking or to talk through your requirements.

Introduction to Commercial Contracts

Recommended Session Length: 2 hours

  • Understand the key issues concerning contract formation including offer and acceptance and the 'battle of the forms', and apply this to factual scenarios.
  • Recognise and analyse the key provisions contained in business to business contracts.
  • Endeavours: best v. reasonable.
  • Analyse the issues surrounding the drafting of limitation and exclusion clauses.
  • Recognise and understand boilerplate clauses.
  • Understand execution and completion of contracts.

The Equality Act 2010

Recommended Session Length: 3 hours

  • What is the Equality Act 2010 and who does it cover?
  • Distinguishing between the different types of discrimination and how they apply day to day.
  • Managers’ obligations under the Equality Act, including the management of:
    • banter in the workplace;
    • disabilities and reasonable adjustments;
    • internal grievances and disputes; and
    • implementing internal policies and procedures.
  • How to manage complaints of discrimination and mitigate any risks.
  • Leadership of diversity and inclusion.
  • Managing unconscious bias in the workplace to prevent discriminatory behaviours.

Manging difficult conversations

Recommended Session Length: 3 hours

  • How to manage difficult conversations with staff regarding their conduct, performance and attitude
  • Coaching to perform techniques
  • Protected conversations v Without prejudice discussions - why do they apply?
  • How to frame a difficult conversation
  • What to do when the conversation doesn't go to plan
  • Risks in law and how to avoid them

Effective management and leadership

Recommended Session Length: 3 - 6 hours

  • What does a good amanger look like in your organisation?
  • The difference between management and leadership
  • Attributes of a good leader
  • Overcoming day to day obstacles as a manager
  • Knowing your rights and those of employees
  • Tips and guidance on how to become an effective manager and leader in your organisation

Good corporate governance and directors'

Recommended Session Length: 1 hour

  • Discuss main principles of good governance
  • Provide a refresher on the principal duties and responsibilities of being a director
  • Provide an update on any company law changes which will impact on the board
  • Discuss some practical risk management tips

Managing banter & inappropriate behaviour in the workplace

Recommended Session Length: 2.5 hours

  • What is "banter"?
  • What are the commercial and legal implications to banter in the workplace? (the risk and benefits)
    • the role of managers in managaing banter and inappropriate behaviours in the workplace?
    • identifying when banter goes too far;
    • identifying when to intiaite disciplinary proceedings;
    • overcoming a culture of poor practices
  • The risks associated with social media
  • Adopting policies and procedures to promote best practice

Developing a coaching culture in the workplace

Recommended Session Length: 3.5 - 4 hours

  • What is coaching? E.g. distinguishing between coaching, training, supervision and mentoring. This will include an outline regarding the theory of the coaching principles
  • The benefits of a coaching culture in the workplace
  • How to manage a coaching conversation? Adopting to principles of OSCAR:
    • coaching to improve performance;
    • coaching to manage poor conduct;
    • coaching to exit an employee;
  • Group coaching techniques

Implementing cultural change initiatives

Recommended Session Length: 3 hours

  • Practical considerations for managers when implementing cultural change initiatives, including;
    • effective planning - start with the top and identify the culture you wish to instil;
    • effective time management of intiatives and change programmes;
    • effective communication strategies;
    • managing consultation exercises and employee engagement;
    • documenting the process;
    • responding to challenge;
    • identifying what can and can't be enforced unilaterally;
    • monitoring development and measuring success. 

Dismissals, disciplinary and grievance procedures

Recommended Session Length: 2.5 hours

  • When can you fairly dismissal an employee or invoke a disciplinary procedure?
  • What constitutes misconduct, a grievance or poor performance?
  • How to manage disciplinary and grievance procedures, including:
    • the scope of an investigation;
    • the role of the hearing manager and appeal manager;
    • the procedural requirements; and
    • the potential pitfalls.

Managing performance: the good, the bad, and the ugly

Recommended Session Length: 2.5 hours

  • What influences employees’ performance?
  • The role of the organisation.
  • The people in the organisation.
  • Managing appraisals and setting objectives.
  • Tips for managers / employers to ensure good performance.
  • Managing poor performance and difficult conversations.
  • Your options when performance becomes ugly, e.g. dismissals and protected conversations.

Recruitment Processes

Recommended Session Length: 1 hour

  • Drafting job specifications and adverts for vacancies.
  • Interview styles and methods, including: what questions can you ask?
  • Selecting the successful candidate.
  • Setting an objective assessment criteria.
  • Due diligence on candidates.
  • Documenting the process.

Sickness absence and stress in the workplace

Recommended Session Length: 2.5 hours

  • What is stress?
  • Different approaches for managing long-term sick leave and intermittent sick leave.
  • Record keeping.
  • Avoiding the pitfalls and potential claims of discrimination.
  • Making the most out of occupational health and the Government Fit for Work scheme.
  • What is a “disability” and what are managers’ obligations to disabled individuals under the Equality Act 2010?
  • How far should employers go to provide “reasonable adjustments?
  • Practical tips on how best to manage sickness absence in the workplace.
  • When is it permissible to terminate an employee’s employment on the grounds of their ill health, disability or sickness record?

Understanding NEC3 contracts

Recommended Session Length: 2.5 hours

  • Introduction to NEC3 - structure and content, putting an NEC contract together and the language and philosophy.
  • The structure of the contract including Contract Data, Works and Service Information, Site Information, primary options, secondary options and Z clauses.
  • Common amendments and how to deal with them.
  • Allocation of risks and responsibilities.
  • Compensation Events and the Risk Register.

All of our training sessions can be tailored to reflect your current needs and internal policies and procedures. In addition, we will design each of our training programmes to cover the core legal obligations and frameworks in which all managers should operate, and the practical leadership skills and management practices that allow managers to operate effectively on a day to day basis.

Our training programme will be designed to include a mix of seminars and practical workshops, subject to timeframes. Please note that the timeframes suggested are our recommendation only, and can be extended or reduced subject to the scope of the training you require. 

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