Acuity Counsel gives you an access all areas pass to the entire firm.

All of our lawyers in each of our departments are available to you and we can handle all of your day to day legal needs through Acuity Counsel. So, for example, we can review and negotiate your contracts, respond to all your HR queries, manage your intellectual property portfolio, deal with nasty letters from (or to!) your suppliers and speed up that lease renewal.

You can access information about our work, our team and our clients here

Here are some of the additional benefits which we offer to our Acuity Counsel clients:

  • Access to your personal portal containing the documents we have prepared for you, your invoices, precedent documents, know-how and articles.
  • Training sessions and workshops prepared exclusively for you and delivered at your place of work.
  • Regular client care meetings.
  • Invitations to seminars and events.
  • A bi-monthly newsletter
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