An outsourced legal team sounds expensive. How much is it going to cost me?
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Less than it would cost to instruct us separately on each matter. We charge a flat hourly rate and work with you to determine how much your projected annual legal spend might be. We break that down into hours per month. If you don’t use your hours, they roll forward to the next month. If you over-use your hours, they are deducted from your next month’s allowance. We find that usage tends to average out over a 6-12 month period but your allocation is flexible and can go up or down. We want you to enjoy working with us so, for that reason, we don’t hold you to anything.

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Can’t I just instruct you as and when things come up?
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Of course, if you prefer. But here are some reasons why you benefit from being an Acuity Counsel client:

  • As you have no doubt experienced, engaging lawyers can be time consuming in itself. Acuity Counsel cuts out this process – you sign one engagement letter at the start of our relationship and all the work we do for you is covered. Under one set of terms of engagement, you have access to all areas and departments of our firm. One day you might need HR support, the next you might need advice on a major supply agreement. Under Acuity Counsel, we have it all covered.
  • By coming on board as one of our valued Acuity Counsel client, you receive a whole host of additional benefits, such as bespoke training sessions and workshops, and exclusive access to our client portal, containing details of all your matters, toolkits, template documents and know how, and much more besides.
  • Working with us on an ongoing basis through Acuity Counsel helps us to develop a collaborative relationship with you which ultimately means that work gets done faster and more efficiently. We invest time in understanding your contracting process and negotiating style, developing a central bank of knowledge which can be shared between our teams and leads to a more streamlined way of working. It allows us to be proactive, rather than reactive.
  • Acuity Counsel covers all your day to day legal needs. If you have a one off project you would like us to work on, we would quote for and resource that separately in the most appropriate way. Contact us here if you think this is what you need.
What do I get for being an Acuity Counsel client?
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In short, fast and efficient access to talented lawyers at all levels and in every department of Acuity at cost effective rates.

But also…

Acuity Counsel clients have a dedicated team whose working life is devoted to making things better for them.

We invest time at the beginning of the relationship to learn about your business, your business attitude to risk and the areas in which we can help you. As your business evolves, so our service evolves with it, and the more deeply embedded in your business we are, the more valuable you will find our service is to you. We look at where we can add value, working towards developing a central bank of knowledge which can be used to develop template documents and negotiating ‘rules’, designed to speed up the contracting process. If your business needs HR assistance, our employment lawyers can offer you long term support encompassing bespoke training, coaching and mentoring which enables you to put preventative strategies in place, freeing you up to focus on achieving your business objectives.

Your Acuity Counsel team is always on the look-out for ways in which we can help you. If we identify areas in which you frequently experience difficulties, we develop strategies to assist, such as creating bespoke workshops which we deliver at your offices, or drafting template documents or toolkits which are uploaded to your portal and are accessible to your whole team.

We are in a mess. Can you help us sort things out?
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Of course! If you are in a really big mess, we can place someone in your office to work through things with you. A number of our lawyers have spent time on secondment with our major clients and have a real understanding of the challenges faced within business. They will have the support of a full service law firm to help resolve your issues.

If the mess isn’t as big as that, Acuity Counsel can help you to get things in order by working through your contracts, employee issues or property portfolio, identifying where the issues are and putting you back on a sound footing. We will get on with the job with the minimum of fuss or complication. Ideal if you are preparing your business for sale or are seeking new investment.

Our investors expect us to have everything in place but we don’t know where to start. Can you help?
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Yes we can. We have extensive experience of working with investment portfolio companies and understand the pressures that investors can put on them.

Acuity Counsel helps you to ensure that your business is operating on a solid legal footing by identifying and tackling potential problems at an early stage, and giving you easy, cost effective access to technical and practical ongoing advice.

If your investor needs additional comfort, we can attend board meetings and produce compliance reports, all of which reassures your investor that their investment is being properly protected.

I’m an in house lawyer and I have too much to do! What can you do for me?
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This is a common issue. Acuity Counsel is a great way of supporting an in house legal team. Some of our lawyers have previously worked in house, and a number of others have spent time on secondment with some of our major clients, so we have a real understanding of the challenges faced by in house teams.

We can tackle all of the day to day work which crosses your desk, give you expert advice in specialist areas and assist you on bigger projects if you need us to. Our client portal helps you keep track all of the documents we have prepared and negotiated for you, and contains invaluable know how and precedent documents, both general and bespoke. We can work with you to put in place strategies and procedures to help you communicate and work effectively with the rest of the business. This could be a contract protocol, standard form terms and conditions, toolkits for managers or tailored training sessions and workshops.

Our support will free you up to focus on the bigger picture of achieving your business objectives, so you can move away from carrying out the day to day legal tasks for which you are over qualified. Take control today: call us for a free consultation to find out how we can work together.

How can Acuity Counsel add value to my business?
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By combining great legal advice with practical efficiencies, and, as such, removing the burden of day to day legal work which often falls on an over-burdened in-house counsel or finance director, freeing them up to focus on fulfilling strategic and commercial objectives.

This means not just responding to you when you ask us for advice (although, of course, we do that too); it means that we are constantly reviewing your needs and are on the look-out for ways in which we can help you. That might be through agreeing a contract protocol and template documents to speed up your contract negotiation and execution process, or by designing training sessions and workshops around issues that frequently arise in your business.

We are on hand to work through busy periods when you are under pressure, such as year-end or employee absences, providing a cost effective way of shoring up your team.

And you have the peace of mind of knowing that we are continually assessing your risk, strengthening your position and working together with you to achieve your business goals.

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